Argentine Work VISA 2024 Application Process with Skill Shortage Jobs

Argentine Work VISA 2024 Application Process with Skill Shortage Jobs

Argentina, with its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and dynamic industries, has become an increasingly attractive destination for expatriates and international workers. Whether you’re considering relocating for work or have been presented with a job opportunity in the country, it’s essential to understand the basics of Argentina’s work visa, its types, requirements and process. This article sheds light on the various aspects of work visas in Argentina and offers insights to ease your transition.

Why is a Work Permit Needed in Argentina?

Simply put, if you plan to work in Argentina, you’re required to have both a work permit and a residence permit. This requirement ensures that the Argentine government can monitor and regulate the employment of foreign nationals, ensuring adherence to local laws and regulations. Although Argentina is known for its welcoming nature towards foreigners, therefore the process of obtaining an Argentine work visa can be easy but lengthy and therefore its essential to read this article to get familiar with process.

Can Foreigners Find Jobs in Argentina in 2024?

Yes, foreigners can find jobs in Argentina. However, it is important to be aware that the job market in Argentina can be competitive, and it can be more difficult for foreigners to find jobs than it is for Argentine citizens because of following:

  • Language Barrier: Proficiency in Spanish is often a prerequisite.
  • Local Experience: Argentine employers might prefer candidates familiar with the local work culture and regulations.
  • Networking: As in many countries, connections can be paramount. Many job opportunities arise from personal contacts and referrals.

Types of Argentine Work VISA in 2024

For those aiming to stay beyond 90 days, for the purpose of working in Argentina in 2024, the primary visa categories for those workers are:

  • 23 A Visa: This is the standard work visa for most individuals, valid for a year but extendable.
  • 23 E Visa: Tailored for specialists in domains like science, technology, and senior management.

Interestingly, some South American nationals, specifically from countries in the MERCOSUR union, might be exempt from these visas.

Analysis of Skill Shortage Jobs in Argentina

For those assessing Argentina as a potential workplace, recognizing sectors with skill shortages can be a strategic move and for that reason i found following sectors in Argentina which are facing skill shortages in 2024:

1# Technology: Despite being a tech hub in Latin America, Argentina grapples with a deficit of professionals like software engineers, data scientists, and web developers.

#2 Healthcare: The medical sector is in dire need of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

3# Education: There’s a tangible demand for teachers, especially those specializing in STEM fields.

#4 Engineering & Construction: Fields like civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, along with skilled roles in construction like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, face a significant shortage.

To sum up, if you possess expertise/qualification in any of these domains then you can easily find jobs in Argentina and get your work visa processed.

How to apply for an Argentina Work VISA?

1# Secure a Job Offer: Before you can apply for your Argentine work visa, you must have a job offer from an employer in Argentina.

#2 Ensure Employer Initiates Work Permit Process: Your employer in Argentina needs to start the work permit application process on your behalf. This involves them registering with the National Immigrant Sponsors Registrar (RNURE) if they haven’t already, and submitting necessary legal documents and information about you and your employment.

3# Gather Required Documents: As the job seeker, you need to prepare and provide the following documents:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Three Passport-Sized Photos
    • Certificate of Good Conduct
    • Language proficiency cert
    • Notarized Certification of Employment or Employment Contract (this should be handled and provided by your employer but you might need to supply them with information)
    • Your passport with blank pages for visa/entry stamp
    • Marriage or Divorce Certificates (if applicable)
    • Certified Copies of Degree or Professional Credentials
    • Affidavit showing no International Police Record

Also make sure that all these documents are translated into Spanish and duly notarized for your Argentine visa application:

#4 Apply for Entry Permit: With the help of your employer, apply for an entry permit (permiso de ingreso) from the Argentine Immigration Department.

5# Apply for Work Visa at Argentine Consulate: Once the work permit is approved, you need to apply for a work visa at the Argentine Consulate in your home country. This involves submitting your documents and attending a visa interview.

#6 Pay the Entry Fee: Before traveling to Argentina, pay the required entry fee of $US100 online to the Argentine Immigration Department (DNM).

7# Travel to Argentina: Once your work visa is approved, you can travel to Argentina.

#8 Obtain Work Identification Number and National Identity Card: Upon arrival in Argentina, apply for a work identification number and a national identity card. These are essential for various legal and contractual activities in the country.

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