Ugojesus (The Praise Lifter) – Jesus Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi

Jesus Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi – Ugojesus (The Praise Lifter)

Jesus Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi Mp3 Download By Ugojesus

An Amazing spirit-filled catalogue entitled, Jesus Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi , written and recorded by famed Nigerian gospel Vocalist, Ugojesus. This song will definitely lift one’s spirit to the Most High God, a catchy song that will uplift your spirit and surely be worth a place on your playlist.

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Jesus Oloro Ihe Loro Enyi Lyrics By Ugojesus

Jesus 2x
I am in awe of you, ihe I na eme na ejum Anya(the things you do amaze me)2x
Maka na I buy (because you are).


Oloro ihe loro enyi (He who swallows what swallows an elephant).
Jesus! I’ve seen you made things happen all the time, but I’ve never seen anything, anything at all happened to you.
Solo1: The God that patched the red see, I duff my cap for you.
The God who walked upon the sea, I lift my voice to you.
You made away in the wilderness, and created something out of nothing.
Egwu gi n’atum Eze (I fear you king)
Ka mmadu Nile tuo gi egwu (let all men fear you)
Jehovah idi oke egwu( my Jehovah you’re fearful).

Solo2: The only smart guy that ever existed , who can describe you Jesus?
The commanded the fish to swallow Jonah, yet suspended it’s digestive organs to crush him.
Jesus idi omimi n’ime omimi (Jesus you’re mysterious)
Jesus ishiri Eze shie anwughi anwu( Jesus you’re the undieing king).

I shout it to the world let all men fear you God

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