Solomon Lange – Nagode

Solomon Lange – Nagode

Nagode Mp3 Download By Solomon Lange

An Amazing spirit-filled catalogue entitled, Nagode, written and recorded by famed Nigerian gospel Vocalist, Solomon Lange . This song will definitely lift one’s spirit to the Most High God, a catchy song that will uplift your spirit and surely be worth a place on your playlist.

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Nagode Lyrics By Solomon Lange

Sabon rai, ka bani, nagode/
Ceto, ka bani, nagode/
Taimako, ka bani, nagode/
Nasara, ka bani, nagode/
Iyali, ka bani, nagode/
Abokane, ka bani, na gode/
Sujada ne nake/ Godiya ne nake/
Sujada ne nake/ Godiya ne nake/
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)/

Sujada ne nake,
Ya Yesu/ Godiya ne nake, a!/
Sujada ne nake, mai Ceto/
Godiya ne nake, a!
Kai ka share Hawaye/ Kai ka wanke Zunubi/
Kai ka bani Salama/ Kai ka bani yanci/
Kai ka bani Warkasuwa/
Kai ka bani Hikima/ Ma-so-yi-na,
Sujada ne nake, (Sujada, sujada)/
Godiya ne nake, (Godiya, godiya)/
Sujada ne nake – Mai Ceto na (Sujada, sujada)/
Godiya ne nake (Godiya, godiya)/
Sujada ne nake – ya Yesu (Sujada, sujada)/
Godiya ne nake, a! (Godiya, godiya)/
Sujada ne nake – Mai Fansa (Sujada, sujada)/
Godiya ne nake, a! O! O! O! O!.
Sarkin Runduna/ Allan alloli/ Kai mai iko – O! O!
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)/
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)/
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)/
Nagode (Nagode), Nagode (Nagode)
Ya Yesu, nagode (Nagode)/
Ni, nagode (Nagode)/ Mai iko, nagode,(Nagode)/
Ni, nagode Mai Taimako, nagode (Nagode)/
Nagode (Nagode)/ Mai Fansa, nagode (Nagode)/ Nagode (Nagode)/
Ya Allah nagode (Nagode)/
Ni nagode (Nagode)/ Mai Iko, nagode
Ni, Nagode (Nagode)/ Mai Mulki,
Nagode (Nagode)/
Ai, nagode (Nagoda)/ Ni nagode (Nagode)/
Ai, nagode (Nagode)

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